Fraksi Ekstrak Kulit Batang Gedi Merah (Abelmoschus Manihot, L.) Medik) Sebagai Anti-Inflamasi Pada Tikus Putih Wistar (Rattus Novergicus)

  • Jovie Mien Dumanauw Jurusan Farmasi Poltekkes Kemenkes Manado
  • Vega Roosa Fione Jurusan Keperawatan Gigi Poltekkes Kemenkes Manado
Keywords: Gedi Merah, Fractionation, Anti inflammation


Gedi Merah (Abelmoschus manihot) is included in potential medicinal plants. Several research results reported Gedi as anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic. The results of research on the chemical content on the parts of Gedi Merah known there are compounds of saponins, flavonoids and steroids. These compounds are known to have potential as an ingredient of natural medicine that provides pharmacological effects. This study aims to test the anti-inflammatory effect of extracts of fractionation Gedi Merah stem bark ethanol extract on Wistar white rat foot.
Preparation of Gedi Merah stem bark is dried and mashed. The powder was extracted with ethanol 95% with soxlethation method. After the extract was concentrated, continued by fractionation resulting in a successive fraction of n-hexane, ethyl acetate and ethanol-water. Each fraction is concentrated and identification of chemical compounds in each fraction. Test preparation for the Anti-inflammatory test was prepared from each fraction with dose of 200 mg, 400 mg / Kg BW with the control of Sodium Dikolfenak 10 mg / Kg BW. Pharmacological test design using pre and post control group design. The analysis was performed on percentage data of inflammatory reduction before and after administration of the test solution.
Anti-inflammatory effect test results revealed that all extracts of fractionation resulted in anti-inflammatory effect and the most effective fraction giving anti-inflammatory effect was ethanol-water fraction.