Kebiasaan Makan Makanan Tinggi Purin Pada Penderita Gout Arthritis Rawat Jalan Di Puskesmas Tuminting

  • Stevyna Barangmanise RSJ. Prof. Dr. V.L. Ratumbuysang Manado
  • Yani Karundeng Jurusan Keperawatan Poltekkes Manado
  • Yulandari Latif Jurusan Gizi Poltekkes Manado
Keywords: High Eating Habits Purin, Gout Arthritis


Gout is a disease of purine metabolic abnormalities in which there is excessive production of uric acid (hyperuricemia) or excessive buildup of uric acid in the body. This study aims to determine the eating habits of high purine diet in patients with outpatient gout arthritis in the Tuminting public health center.
The type of this research is descriptive observational research using food consumption survey method. This research was conducted in June 2016. Place of research at Tumunting Health Center Manado. The population in this study were all outpatient gout arthritis patients at Tuminting Health Center who were determined using consecutive sampling with criteria that is: men and women aged 20-60 years, willing to be respondents, the sample size in this study was determined by proportion in the limited population amounted to 30 samples.
The results of examination of uric acid levels of respondents in this study men have a mean of uric acid levels 7.8 mg / dl lowest 7.3 mg / dl and highest 10.2 mg / dl and for women have a mean of uric acid level 6.7 mg / dl lowest 6.3 mg / dl and highest 7.9 mg / dl. The frequency of eating most of the respondents often ate foods high in purines and foods with moderate levels of purine content. The most commonly eaten source of the most frequently consumed purine ingredients is beef liver and sardines. While the food sources that contain the most frequently consumed purin are kale, tofu, tempeh, tuna and beans. Suggestions to the respondents in this study were to select and consume food that is low purine and avoid alcohol consumption.