Hubungan Perawatan Payudara Masa Kehamilan Dengan Produksi Asi Pada Ibu Menyusui Di Klinik Sifra Langowan Kecamatan Langowan Timur Kabupaten Minahasa

  • Syuul Kremlin Adam Jurusan Kebidanan Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Manado
  • Fredrika Nancy Losu Jurusan Kebidanan Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Manado
  • Anggita Cindy Kanter Jurusan Kebidanan Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Manado
Keywords: Breast Care, Breast Milk Production, Langowan


Background: Exclusive breastfeeding coverage in Indonesia tends to be low. Even in Minahasa district, exclusive breastfeeding coverage over the past 2 years has decreased. Preliminary study conducted at Sifra Langowan Clinic of East Langowan Subdistrict to 5 postpartum mother,one breastfeeding mother did not experience breast problem during breastfeeding, while 4 other mothers experience problems in their breast like breasts swell, breast nipple that did not formed, and low milk production.

Objective: To figure out the relationship between pregnancy breast care with milk production in breastfeeding mother at Sifra Langowan Clinic, East Langowan Subdistrict, Minahasa Regency. Method: This research type is analytic survey with cross-sectional approach. Total sample was 48 respondents. Instrument used is a checklist. Bivariate analysis using Chi-Square test.

Result: The result using Chi-Square test with significance of 0.05 to the relationship of breast care during pregnancy with breastfeeding production in breastfeeding mother obtained p = 0.000 <0.05.

Conclusion: There is a relationship of prenatal breast care to breastfeeding production in breastfeeding mothers at the Langowan Sifra Clinic, East Langowan District, Minahasa Regency.