ANTIPYRETIC EFFECT OF Sauropusandrogynus (L.) Merr LEAVES INFUSION ON RATS (Rattus norvegicus)

  • Elisabeth N. Barung Pharmacy Department, Manado Health Polytechnic, Indonesia
  • Selfie P. J. Ulaen Pharmacy Department, Manado Health Polytechnic, Indonesia
  • Yos Banne Pharmacy Department, Manado Health Polytechnic, Indonesia
Keywords: antipyretic, flavonoids, Sauropusandrogynous, infusion


Sauropusandrogynous (L.) Merr leaves is a traditional medicine used by the community to reduce fever. One chemical content in Sauropusandrogynous (L.) Merr is flavonoids. Based on the results of previous research, flavonoids had the antipyretic effect. This study aims to determine the antipyretic effect of Sauropusandrogynous (L.) Merr leaves infusion on rats.
This was an experimental research using Pretest-Posttest with Control Group design. The study conducted on 15 tested white rats that were divided into 3 treatment groups, i.e. negative control group, 8% leaf infusion group and positive control group. Each group consists of 5 rats. Prior to treatment, rats were febrile by injecting 20% peptone intraperitoneally. Rats got fever when the body temperature raised 1.5 °C from the initial temperature. Data was obtained from the result of measurement of the rat’s temperature before the treatment and every an hour during 4 consecutive hours since the rats were undergone treatment. Data was analyzed descriptively in graphical form and statistically using one-way anova test.
The results showed that there was an effect of the treatment on rat (p <0,05), so it can be concluded that infusion of 8% of Sauropusandrogynous (L.) Merrinfusion leaves have the antipyretic effect.